Beginnings …

India Office

Metaphysical properties of project management are perhaps the least understood, rarely practiced or even discussed in any of the project management literature or educational establishments found today.

Yet the metaphysical properties that naturally belong to project management are the long forgotten fundamental cornerstones for putting the word “success” back into project delivery.

These are the very same metaphysical properties frequently used by such legends as; Leonardo Da Vinci, The Wright Brothers, George Eastman Kodak, Winston Churchill – and many others whose successful projects we all still benefit from to this day.


“Going that extra mile means increasing the chances of uncovering opportunities.”Newman

Before taking on any project I like to know all areas (including potential dependencies). Depending on how much time I have before coming in front of the client, I can spend up to 16 hours a day investigating a project brief. I find that 4 hours sleep is sufficient for me when working a challenging project.

“Rescue packages for failing projects lie dormant at its roots. Most managers are not taught to realise they are there.”Newman

I meet daily with the Account Manager (on this project, it is Lisa) and we brainstorm potential issues. I normally forage through everything from equipment receipts, contracts, contacts, to client affiliations. Then I draw up a list of all the required tools I need on the project. I do not always get everything required but I make the consequences of non-receipt clear enough.

“International Project Managers have to positively exceed their remit to deliver customer best value.”Newman

I select a series of techniques to be applied, based on my initial investigations and projections from the project brief. The selected project team does not have to be technical, managerial or skilled in project management, but they must have client listening abilities. Mel, my London office secretary, efficient as always, arranges taxis, flights, hotels, etc – leaving my mind as free as possible to focus on the project.

“This was not entirely text-book project management – it was also metaphysical.” Newman

Finally I select my invisible team; on this project –  Deming, Drucker, Eastman, Master Da Vinci and Sir Winston.

Now I am ready



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