Always be in Communication

Always be in Communication

The process of Communication in projects can be complex, yet it is one of the master key components for a project’s success. Project Managers have their own communication styles, yet most will involve; listening, writing, reading, speaking and meeting.   Skillful Project Managers interlock these elements together to achieve resolution to conflicts, to acquire undocumented knowledge, to quantify risks and issues, while controlling the project’s overall change management aspects. One communication tool I like to employ to encapsulate some of the communications on projects are newsletters.



Welcome to my first project newsletter in Interactive1 Zagreb (I1z). Given the state of play with the Client, it could not be helped that this introduction and 1st newsletter to you, the project team is a little late. There are numerous reasons why, but I am sure you know a few of them. As project manager, the project is not my only concern, you are. The Interactive1 Zagreb Director has done an excellent job here, and I have said this to the Client. I do not believe that without his enthusiasm, neither they, nor you, would have got this far. My role is to take the project to the next step of completion. This is needed to ensure that the Client, as well as ourselves gain maximum benefits.

As iterated before, this is your 1st project. This is my 1st project with you all. I have completed over five projects where – in each case – it looked as though it was never going to happen. I can tell you that they were all successful. If they were not, I would have been out of a job quite some time ago. I did not lie in my first talk with you all, “I am here to tell you that you can do this”. This is what I said in my first meeting, and I mean it. In the coming weeks we are going to have to put in a serious amount of effort to get this show on the road, and I know that you are all up to the challenge.

The Client is a challenge. We are working with an exciting company, a company that commands a certain amount of respect in this country, and rightly so. The Client is a formidable, dynamic enterprise, and their maverick business acumen against Croatia telecom is testament to this. Their ambitions are healthy and were they in any other kind of industry, I would have said they were unobtainable. However, they are in an emerging, and growing industry and they have a finger on the pulse. Interactive1 Zagreb, against all the other Interactive1 families, is best placed to be at the forefront of this. To that end, every effort has to be made to see that we succeed.

I know just by looking around and taking the odd notes I take, that this team is one of the best. If you look on the Interactive1 London intranet site under projects, you will see the updates and comments I have made regarding I1z. Look at the dates, because they predate this newsletter. I really do believe that this is one of the finest teams I have ever come across. Our challenge with the Client is a pretty big one, and in any capacity I can, I will try and make your job easier. That is my job! My role is to listen to those of you who may have concerns. If you do not want these voiced, my role also calls for discretion. But, I hope that any issues you have, you will feel free to talk about them to me.

Daniel ‘Drago mi je’ Newman.

Issue No.1 – © 2000.


  1. Paul Naybour says:

    You have to keep clients focused on the original scope of the project, too easy it cn drift out of control.

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