Metaphysical Project Management

The Science of Planning

Back in University, I took a course in Ontology; a philosophical branch of metaphysics dealing with reality.  For some years, I had no way to explain the way I delivered projects successfully. I always assumed that it was because I am addicted to challenging engagements – like puzzles.

When I attempted to explain how I could see the correct patterns, align them with the right processes, adopting the various tones in the correct sequence – I was not taken seriously. So I enrolled onto specialist University courses. One of those was Ontology.

Ontological training allowed me to explain parts of metaphysical project delivery. At the time, I had no idea what that was. I did know that besides the PMP, and PRINCE2 training, there was something else needed to delivering projects successfully. The earliest name, I gave it was, “metacognitive management”.

When clients began telling me that they felt I had been in their organisation for more than a year, when I had been there less than 3 months, I began to realise the metaphysical properties in project management; empathy, trust, intention, abundance, eureka moments, and so on.

I also began to realise that in Western management, metaphysical project management was poorly understood – if not laughable. All of that changed when I kept on delivering project after project in complete succession – with no failures.


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